Saturday, December 13, 2008

An actual blog post by Rain

My wonderful husband has been behind the last couple of blog posts, and I appreciate him immensely for it. I have been very busy, and mostly accomplishing things with my busy-ness. After finishing a couple things up this morning, I decided to give myself the rest of the weekend off from sewing. Of course, I have plenty to work on come Monday morning.

Awhile back I talked about the printer cart that I assembled. It was part of a 3 piece set, along with a desk with hutch and a file cart. I finally got them all assembled, and realized that they matched the bookshelf we already had along that wall, perfectly.

I also came to the conclusion that moving my workspace twice a year is going to be essential as long as we live in this apartment. There are SO many things that I love about living in a town house, but temperature regulation is not one of them. The office is the warmest room in the house, and the living room is the coolest. So, while it seemed like the best idea ever to take over the living room over the summer, once winter hit, I was freezing off various body parts, and it was really interfering with my productivity. Most importantly, though, I don't like being cold.

So, the solution was obvious...move back up to the office, where my sewing room was to begin with. That was easier said than done, though. For one thing, I had gotten used to being able to spread out ALL over the living room. I had to figure out how to streamline a bit to be able to make a workspace really work in the office. Plus, the office never really got finished when we moved in. You know how the unfinished room ends up....anything that doesn't seem to belong anywhere in particular gets put in there, until a better place can be found for it. Well, the office is still not done, exactly, but at least now pretty much everything has been put somewhere that makes at least some sense.

I had a good flurry of sales and custom work for Yule and Christmas, which has also been keeping me busy.

While I was being a bad blogger, I got packages in the mail from Greenfingers and gypsycaster. They were both absolutely fabulous sellers to work with, and I love the things that I got. Check out their shops!

My husband and I are not known for conforming to dates as far as holiday celebrations go. This year we had our Thanksgiving dinner on actual Thanksgiving, but it definitely doesn't happen like that every year. We already have most, if not all, of our gifts. Like the TV, and the furniture set, plus a bunch of DVDs. He also gave me a set of acrylic paints with 48 different colors, and The Absolute Sandman, Volume 2. I have been playing with the paints today in celebration of my days off.

Last thing before I finish up for the night: I have entered a contest. Vote for my entry by adding my Yule Altar Cloth to your favorites!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Music for December 9 - On the Radio

(posted by Rain's Mr)

I told Rain I'd keep the blog from getting too dusty while she gets things accomplished (like building furniture and wrestling with the office to turn it into a workspace for her). So, here's more of the stuff I know...

Regina Spektor - On The Radio | official site at

Rain highly un-recommends the Black & Decker Steam Advantage Iron. She's gone through 2 of them in a very short time, and they weren't exactly "value" priced.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Music for December 5 - Volcano

posted by Rain's Mr)

Kina Grannis - Volcano | official site at

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Start drooling.

Just a quick drive-by posting to share some pictures. Excuse the threads that need clipping and the markings on the fabric--they are works in progress. They will be tarot bags, though, and you'll see them in my store soon.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Out Wandering

I had a doctor's appointment first thing this morning. I left with half a pharmacy worth of medications, because breathing is a good thing. Ironically, I realized a little later that it's been exactly 3 1/2 years since I quit smoking.

Because of the way the bus system in Nashville works, in order to take 2 busses, you have to go downtown. So, when I have appointments or errands to run, I often take advantage of being downtown.

Today, I mailed out a few packages and then walked over to the library. It was a beautiful, sunny day, but it was cold, so staying outside for long didn't sound like much fun. When I finished at the library, I went to the bakery/coffee shop in the same building. I got a pastry and an eggnog latte, and read my book for awhile. It was very relaxing

Dinner tonight was something we decided on at the grocery store yesterday. We found a package of ground lamb at a really good price because today was the sell by date. We decided to make something like kebab-type meatballs, and a yogurt-based curry sauce with spinach. I knew it was going to be good, but it turned out much better than I expected. I generally don't do much in the way of carefully measuring and following recipes, so I probably wouldn't be able to duplicate it exactly, but I'm pretty sure I could come close enough. We will DEFINITELY be making that again. I actually think it might have been one of the best things I've ever cooked.

We finished the evening off by watching several episodes of Heroes. We really couldn't watch it before we got the bigger TV, because we couldn't read the subtitles.

Of course, before I could go to bed, I had to be sure to list a new item in my store. It's a Circle Goddess Kitchen Towel.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This and That

I mentioned earlier that I was reading everything by Sara Douglass that I could get my hands on. I have gotten my hands on, and read, all but one of her books. I'll read the remaining one sometime. Now, I am reading everything by Juliet Marillier that I haven't already read...and re-reading some that I have. Right now, I am reading Blade of Fortriu: Book Two of The Bridei Chronicles.

I am shipping out 3 orders tomorrow. Hooray! I enjoy sending packages to people. I guess I assume that other people get as much joy out of receiving mail as I do.

Remember that faery towel I posted about a few days ago? I listed her, along with one of her friends. Check it out!

I assembled a printer cart today. I *love* assembling furniture. I am pretty sure that makes me certifiably insane, but that's fine with me. It's like putting together a big 3D puzzle, plus playing with tools. Interesting fact about me: I brought the power tools into my marriage. And big fancy toolsets--the ones with a little slot for everything--are always very exciting for me to look at, even when I don't know what half of the tools are for.

For those of you that like puzzles, check this out: Jigsaw Puzzle of the Day. No furniture assembly involved, I promise!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Alchemy is about turning lesser metals into gold. My project for the day was an attempt to turn gold

I was not successful in my attempt, either. At least, I was not successful if the ONLY object was to turn gold onto red. Since I learned some good stuff and ended up with something beautiful, but not red, I also can't say that it was a failure.

I mentioned that I went to the fabric store yesterday. I needed some fabrics for the appliques involved in my sibling shirt sets, some black silk, and some dark red silk. I ended up with all the applique fabrics I needed, gold silk, and a yard of brocade. I couldn't resist the brocade--blue, purple, and silver on a black background. Their silk selection was really depressingly sad, but I found a beautiful remnant piece of gold silk, at a great price. I knew for a fact I could dye some of it black, and I also thought there was a possibility of getting a useable red. After all, to print red, you use magenta and yellow ink. Gold id pretty much yellow, and I have magenta dye, so it was worth a try. I knew that if it turned out really bad, dyeing it black was always an option, so it was no risk to try.

Final verdict: Very pretty, but definitely not red. Here are some before and after pictures.

Now I need to decide what kinds of embroidery designs would be good for some burgundy tarot bags. I'd love to hear your suggestions.

My newly listed item for today is a tarot bag in green silk with a green triple goddess symbol.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Excitement in My Etsy Store

Today was an eventful day in my store! First of all, when I checked my email, I saw 3 etsy conversations from 2 different people, neither of whom I know. When I read them, I realized that they were all about the same item. I had to go over to etsy and see what was going on.

I saw that the number of views on that item had jumped significantly overnight. It had been right around 20 last night, and it was up to 81 this morning. Now, it is up to 111. I checked to see if I had been in a treasury, on the front page, or anything else like that, but couldn't find anything. I googled myself, my store name, and the item name, and still couldn't find anything. I do feel loved, though.

Once I got home this evening, giddy over the fabrics I bought today, I settled in to catch up on what I missed in the forums, and then do some socializing. I sold 5 items (to 2 people) within half an hour or so. Apparently the paypal fairy hanging on my desk works!

The items I sold were all things that I could relist immediately, so I did. I also listed a new item, since I made the rule yesterday that relisting doesn't count for that goal. Here is is: Celtic Knotwork Embroidered Kitchen Towel

My wonderful husband/live-in web expert made some really nice progress on my website today, too. It's still very simple--embryonic, really, but it's getting better all the time. It should be up and running in some kind of finished way by the end of the year. If you'd like to see how it looks so far, just ask and I'll be glad to give you the link.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Good Mail Day!

Today was a good mail day for me. I got the onesies and toddler T-shirts I had ordered, as well as the paypal fairy button that I ordered from the fabulous lizstaley on etsy.

The T-shirts and onesies are for my Sibling shirt sets, plus I have ideas for some other embroidered kidswear up my sleeve. At any rate, I got some really fun, bright colors to work with, along with some classic pastels.

I also had a dilemna to face today. I had to decide if relisting sold items counted toward my goal of listing a new item every day. In the end, I decided that it does NOT count as a new listing. I may reevaluate that rule after the holidays, but for now, it has to actually be new to count.

Today's new listing is an Aries Embroidered Bookmark.

I love this towel!

I'll be listing it soon enough, but I have to share this picture. I love the way this faery design turned out!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Football Fun

I've been a Titans fan for a few years, but it has never been quite so fun as it is now. No one seems to know quite what to make of the situation, including me. Watching football has been especially fun today, because we got a new TV. It's HUGE! 22 inches! Yes, I know, that probably doesn't sound all that big to some of you, but our old TV was 14 inches.

We went to Best Buy yesterday, and were just about to buy a TV and a few other things, but the TV didn't seem to be in stock, and the people working there were uncharacteristically not around to help. This morning, we decided to check the new sale paper online, and found that walking out empty handed yesterday was, indeed, a good move. We found what we were looking for, saw that it was all in stock, and at better sale prices. Then we placed the order online, with store pickup as the shipping option.

Those are exactly the kinds of situations that make me think that it's a good idea to walk away, when it seems like it's taking too much effort to force things to happen. Especially when I'm not all that sure of them in the first place. I tend to think that's Life's way of trying to give me a clue.

I listed 2 new items in my store tonight. Check them out, if you're so inclined!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Holiday plans at Rain's Obsessive Stitchery

I've been thinking about holiday plans for my store today. If I keep up my new habit of listing at least one new item in my store every day, I should be able to get some exciting things up in my store in time for holiday gift giving. Today's Goddess Keychain listing makes 5 days in a row.

You can look forward to seeing some new Tarot Bags in my store before too long. Not only do they make good gifts on their own, but they would be a stunning way to wrap a special gift of jewelry or another small treasure. If you would prefer a customized bag, with your choice of color and embroidery design, it is not too late for me to get that done for you.

My Goddess Keychains and Embroidered Bookmarks make great stocking stuffers. I have several of them listed already, and I will be listing more of them all the time. Please let me know if there is a color or design you have in mind that isn't listed in my store--I may have it ready to go, and just haven't listed it yet.

You'll also be seeing new kitchen towels on a regular basis. Faeries, another goddess style, knotwork, and several more holiday designs will all be showing up soon. I will also be introducing some flour sack towels. They are great for drying glassware, because they are soft and lint-free. They're also useful in bread baskets, or as aprons, tablecloths or altar cloths.

I have some other ideas of things I would like to make in the next little while. I have some brocade patchwork purses in the works, and some really pretty tree ornaments. I'm also looking forward to embroidering some onesies and toddler T-shirts. If there is anything on that list that sound particularly interesting to you, please tell me so that I can make it a priority.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I hate migraines

Very short blog entry today, because about the most interesting thing I have to say is...

I really hate migraines. And I really wish this one would go away.

I did manage my 4th day in a row of listing something new n my store, at least. It's a Knotwork Heart Kitchen Towel.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today's ramblings

Being pagan, it's not uncommon to run into confusion as to what name to use for holidays. Yule, Christmas, Midwinter, Solstice, etc. My normal reaction to those moments of confusion is to shrug, smile, and say "Eh, I'll celebrate most anything." That's not to say I'm going to throw a party because someone's puppy died, or anything like that, but I'm definitely of the mind that the more things there are to celebrate, the better.

That is part of why I love the calendar I have. Here's a link to the 2009 version.
First of all, the artwork is gorgeous. I have a serious weakness for celtic knotwork. It also has a lot of holidays/observances, from different countries and religions. For example, today is a Bahá'í holy day, the Birth of Bahá'u'lláh. Interesting stuff!

Some of you are probably a lot more interested in what I did today than what my calendar says. Specifically, what I did related to etsy, and crafting. I am trying to get in the habit of listing at least 1 new thing in my store every day. This was my 3rd day in a row of success in that attempt. Today's new listing is a reindeer kitchen towel.

I worked on embroidering some more kitchen towels today. Some of them were for custom orders, and some will end up in my store. One is a beautiful faery with pink and purple wings. I'm hoping for a sunny day soon, so that I can take some pictures, because I am very happy with how that one turned out.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bad blogger, try again.

I have been a very bad blogger. I keep meaning to post, but can't think of what to say, or get really busy and distracted, and all of a sudden it's been over a month since my last post. I will do better!

Since the last time I posted, there has been cool stuff that I could have talked about, so I'll talk about some of it now.

I posted previously about having a booth at Nashville Pagan Pride Day. It was great. I had a lot of fun, I learned a ton, and I met some wonderful people. One of those people convinced me to go to Womenspirit.

Womenspirit is a UU pagan women's retreat. I set up a booth there, too. I made some improvements based on things I learned at Pagan Pride Day. I learned even more good stuff, met a LOT of wonderful people, and considered the weekend to be a smashing success. I ran out of Goddess towels very early, so next time I will have to be sure to bring more.

Since I got home from Womenspirit, I have attended the UU church twice. Once on a Sunday, and once on a Wednesday night for Religious Education. I've enjoyed it so far, and plan to go to Religious Education tomorrow night, too. I've met some really wonderful people there, too.

Apparently meeting wonderful people is the theme of this blog post. I wasn't sure what the theme was going to be when I decided that I really had to blog tonight, about SOMETHING.

Really, other than making stuff, the past several months have been all about meeting people. I'm finding myself beginning to be a part of several communities, and it feels good. It feels a lot like juggling, but I'm supposing I'll learn some juggling skills eventually.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek at a couple of the towels I'll be listing in my etsy shop today or tomorrow.

Let's Play "What's That Plant?"

Here are 3 plants that I have. I have no idea what they are. I do know that they're not TOO easy to kill, because, well, they're not dead. I've had the first 2 since January, and the last one since last October. If you know what any of them are, or how to continue keeping them alive, I'd love to hear it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Big Brother and Little Sister shirts

OK, technically, the little sister shirt is a onesie, but you get the idea. This is a custom set that I just finished. I hope it's as much fun to wear as it was to sew. The pictures need a little work, but I'm not sure I'd be able to repeat this formatting marvel, so I'm going to leave them as they are, at least for now.

After I finish posting this, I am going to go work on embroidering some kitchen towels. If you have a suggestion about what kinds of designs to use, I'd love to hear them.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Equinox sale in my etsy store

I have a sale in my etsy store to celebrate the equinox. Tarot bags are on sale for $20, regularly $25. I'll be posting a bunch of new stuff for sale today, too, including goddess towels and keychains, astrological wallhangings, and a bunch of tarot bags.

Here is one of my goddess keychains, based on a design by LMDesign.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Goddesses Galore!

I spent most of today making goddess keychains. I knew they were going to be cool, but I actually underestimated the coolness. They are SO CUTE! I think I have figured out how to post pictures. If I am right about how it works, I will post some pictures of the goddess keychains tomorrow, along with the pictures of the goddess kitchen towels that I promised last week.

I made 6 bookmarks this morning, finishing off all of the astrological bookmarks--48 of them in total. I may put together some pagan bookmarks, if I can figure out what to put on them. Suggestions are welcome!

I made some progress on my custom astrological chart wallhanging today, too. I really can't wait to see it finished. I recently aquired a set of really cute kids zodiac designs, so I think I'll put together a wallhanging with them. I also have an idea for another growth chart, and I'd love to get it done in time for Pagan Pride Day, but time is getting a little short, and I don't know if I'll get it done or not. I suppose I'll find out soon enough.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I like accomplishing stuff.

In my early 20s, I didn't need to go to the gym. I went out to bars, and danced until the wee hours. It was a lot of fun, and I was in excellent shape. It did tend to make it hard to keep a job, though.

Now that I am in my early 30s, I am not in such great shape. I really need to lose 30-40 pounds. More than that, though, I need to get back into decent shape. I'm not looking to run a marathon, but it would be nice to just take off walking and not completely tire myself out. Plus, the, uh, marital relations were quite nice when I was not such a lump. I'm working on getting myself into better shape. I've spent more time in the gym in the last 2 weeks than any time since high school. I have had some kind of sore muscles constantly since I started going to the gym, but it feels good.

Today was a great day for getting stuff done. I watered the plants and harvested some tomatoes. I paid 3 bills, and then went to the gym for awhile. I walked 2 miles on the treadmill and did some work with some of the weight machines. Then I came home and started cooking pork chops for dinner in the crock pot. I got 3 loads of laundry done, ironed some fabric, and embroidered 18 bookmarks. I did some work on managing my embroidery design collection. That is a job worthy of Sisyphus. I have thousands of designs, and I'm constantly getting more of them. Finally, I got some goddess keychain designs ready to embroider tomorrow.

Now, I think it might be time to curl up with my book, my cat, and a glass of Tia Maria, then go to bed so that I can be productive again tomorrow.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sometimes you just have to embrace non-productivity.

When it became clear to me that I wasn't likely to accomplish much sewing today, I decided that a change of scenery would probably help. I decided to go downtown and visit the library. I had a book to return, and I had an email telling me that some books I had requested were ready for me to pick up.

The weather was beautiful. Sunny and hot, but not oppressively hot. I managed to catch busses that were not full of shrieking teenagers on their way home from school, and the drunk guy who wanted to strike up a conversation and/or relationship noticed that I was reading, aplologized, and left me alone. Bus adventures don't get much better than that.

I've been reading everything by Sara Douglass that I can get my hands on, lately. The hold shelf at the library had 3 of her books that I had requested, including the next book in the series I've been reading. (Pilgrim, which is book 5 in the Wayfarer Redemption series.) The only thing that could have been better would have been to have Crusader waiting for me too.

I checked out my books, then wandered around the library for a little while, just enjoying the quiet. Then I decided to go treat myself to coffee, since there is a nice little french bakery/coffee shop right in the same building. While I was there, I saw that they had Bacon and Lentil soup. I decided that I had to have it for lunch, and it was delicious. I love lentils, and I love bacon, and together they are even better.

By the time I got home, I was feeling quite a bit more productive, and managed to get a good amount of ironing done. That should help a lot when I get ready to start sewing tomorrow. Ironing can be really soothing, but it can also feel rather daunting when I just want to get going on a project, and all the fabric has to be ironed first.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Apparently I am a business now.

I just told the state of Tennessee that I am a business. It was actually disturbingly easy to do--I think that I have dealt with more complicated forms in some online checkout processes. I also have an etsy store, business cards, business thank you cards, and matching return address labels, which obviously makes me an even more official business. I suppose now all I need to do is sell something.

I have some embroidered silk tarot bags and a cute growth chart that I have already posted on my etsy store. I have some towel bibs that are ready to be posted, as soon as I find the time to go through the posting process.

I have been working on some other projects that may eventually end up in my etsy store, if they don't get sold while I'm at Nashville Pagan Pride Day, where I will have a booth. Pagan Pride Day is Saturday, September 13, 2008, 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM at the First Unitarian Universalist Church on Woodmont Blvd.

I've been working on several interesting projects for my booth. Most recently I have been working on some kitchen towels embroidered with goddesses. I plan to do some more kitchen towels with fun things like pentacles and celtic knotwork designs. I have a whole slew of tarot bags in various states of completion. I've been working on some bookmarks and goddess keychains, too. I have an astrological wallhanging completed, and I'm working on a sample custom astrological chart wallhanging. I'm really excited to see that one come together. Since I don't actually know what I'm doing with this whole blogging thing, I am not going to attempt to post pictures tonight. I will figure that out in the near future, though, I swear!

I can't complain about my productivity today. Not only am I a business now, but I am apparently a blogger, too.