Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Alchemy is about turning lesser metals into gold. My project for the day was an attempt to turn gold

I was not successful in my attempt, either. At least, I was not successful if the ONLY object was to turn gold onto red. Since I learned some good stuff and ended up with something beautiful, but not red, I also can't say that it was a failure.

I mentioned that I went to the fabric store yesterday. I needed some fabrics for the appliques involved in my sibling shirt sets, some black silk, and some dark red silk. I ended up with all the applique fabrics I needed, gold silk, and a yard of brocade. I couldn't resist the brocade--blue, purple, and silver on a black background. Their silk selection was really depressingly sad, but I found a beautiful remnant piece of gold silk, at a great price. I knew for a fact I could dye some of it black, and I also thought there was a possibility of getting a useable red. After all, to print red, you use magenta and yellow ink. Gold id pretty much yellow, and I have magenta dye, so it was worth a try. I knew that if it turned out really bad, dyeing it black was always an option, so it was no risk to try.

Final verdict: Very pretty, but definitely not red. Here are some before and after pictures.

Now I need to decide what kinds of embroidery designs would be good for some burgundy tarot bags. I'd love to hear your suggestions.

My newly listed item for today is a tarot bag in green silk with a green triple goddess symbol.

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