Sunday, November 16, 2008

Football Fun

I've been a Titans fan for a few years, but it has never been quite so fun as it is now. No one seems to know quite what to make of the situation, including me. Watching football has been especially fun today, because we got a new TV. It's HUGE! 22 inches! Yes, I know, that probably doesn't sound all that big to some of you, but our old TV was 14 inches.

We went to Best Buy yesterday, and were just about to buy a TV and a few other things, but the TV didn't seem to be in stock, and the people working there were uncharacteristically not around to help. This morning, we decided to check the new sale paper online, and found that walking out empty handed yesterday was, indeed, a good move. We found what we were looking for, saw that it was all in stock, and at better sale prices. Then we placed the order online, with store pickup as the shipping option.

Those are exactly the kinds of situations that make me think that it's a good idea to walk away, when it seems like it's taking too much effort to force things to happen. Especially when I'm not all that sure of them in the first place. I tend to think that's Life's way of trying to give me a clue.

I listed 2 new items in my store tonight. Check them out, if you're so inclined!

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