Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Welcome to all the new followers. I'm so glad to have you here.

We went out for a fabulous brunch this morning, including lovely things such as grapefruit & ginger mimosas, elderflower mimosas, duck confit crepes, and shrimp & grits that were so rich and delicious that I couldn't finish.

When we got home, I finally got my halloween decorations up, and picked all the rest of the tomatoes hanging out on the vines. Now I'm contemplating a short nap before it's time to get dressed for the trick-or-treaters (and get the promised pictures taken!)

There is still giveaway fun going on! Today's giveaways are awesome and wonderful. There's a super witchy gift basket from October Farm in Salem here:

and a full set of the Weiser field guides here:

PLUS my giveaway is still open until noon tomorrow. Here's the link for that one.

I hope you all have plenty of treats, and just enough tricks to be fun!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Giveaway Day!

Be sure to go check out Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom this afternoon, because my giveaway will be going up! Mrs. B decided to extend yesterday's giveaways a bit, so they're still up right now. She'll be putting today's giveaways up this afternoon, and run them along with the Halloween giveaways until November 1. Because we're all busy anyway, plus we have Halloween AND weekend stuff going on!

If Mrs. B sent you over, Welcome! I hope that you enjoy your visit.

Do you know what all the buttons, dials, and switches on your camera do? I definitely don't know, but I figured out what at least one of them does. Unfortunately, what that one DOES is makes pictures all completely blurry.

I took pictures of my costume and my setup at Moonlight Festival, but unfortunately the camera was on the super blurry setting the whole time. I will have to try to get pictures from some of the other people who were wandering around with cameras last night.

Meanwhile, I have put the camera back to the normal picture setting, and I'll get some pictures of my costume tomorrow night.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Plans for an autumn day

Good morning!

I desperately want to win this giveaway on Mrs. B's blog today. It is an absolutely stunning garnet and amethyst goddess necklace, plus a scarf. I love garnets. My wedding ring has dragons and a garnet, even!

While I was following links, I came across another fun giveaway, this one for a mini witch hat and Dia de los Muertos bracelet. They are both cool prizes, plus there is a story there about an awful halloween costume experience, which I am sure we can all sympathize with.

I had an email this morning telling me that I'm included in this etsy treasury. Treasuries are great, because I get a chance to see a nice selection of items by various artists. In this case, it's all things with a filigree look or feel.

I think I'm going to go downtown today to mail a package, get myself a cupcake, and get my change fund in order. It's chilly outside, and it feels so perfectly autumnish, it'll be nice to go enjoy it. I may have to stop by Provence and get some soup, too.

Moonlight festival is this evening, so I have to be home in time to get things together, but that shouldn't be a problem. I have enough practice now that packing and loading doesn't take very long.

I've worn the same costume for the last 3 or 4 years. Probably just as well, since I paid plenty for the materials, plus the time to make it, but I am going to wear something different this year. Most of it came out of my costume closet, but I made a new top to go with my bodice--just finished it yesterday. I always wanted to make myself something with sheer metallic spiderweb fabric! I'll be sure to get some pictures, and put them up either tomorrow or Sunday.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stuff and Things

Time is a very tricky thing--seems like it is constantly moving faster and faster!

First of all, there are 2 giveaways on Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom today, and they're both great. You should go enter both of them. If you don't actually want to win, go enter anyway, and you're perfectly welcome to send me the prize!

This one is a Vintage Witches Charm Bracelet by Laughing Vixen Lounge. Go check it out, seriously!

The second one is a set of photo cards from Judy's Photos. You even get to choose your own photo from her photo blog! She's got some really pretty ones, for sure.

So, last week, I managed to post here 2 days in a row. Somehow it has been over a week since then. One of these days, I swear, I will get on here as often as I want.

Over the weekend, I was not online. I was hosting a planning meeting for the WomenSpirit Spring 2011 event. I am the Event Coordinator this time. I am still not entirely sure how that came about, but it seems to be working fine so far :) Anyway, I had 6 fabulous women visiting here in Nashville, and it was a lot of fun to have a chance to show off my town. We went to the Parthenon to visit Athena, and stopped at Calypso for lunch. We had a wonderfully productive planning session, and came up with a theme and some ideas to go along with it that are really exciting.

This weekend, I have some good plans, too. For one thing, I will be having my giveaway on Mrs.B's blog. I'm not going to tell you what the prize is or what day the giveaway will be...just that it's a good prize, and it's obviously one of the 3 remaining days this month. You'll just have to live with the suspense a little while longer.

Friday night is the Moonlight Festival at Center of Symmetry. It's the weekend of Halloween, and the last Moonlight Festival for the year. You should definitely stop by and see me if you get a chance! I'll be set up upstairs.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Collaborative fun!

Good morning! Yes, this *is* the second blog post in 2 days. I am impressed, too.

There are 2 giveaways on Mrs B's 31 Days of Halloween today that I just love.

Intuitive Goddess is giving away a Samhain reading. You know that if she's going to put that kind of thought and care just into her photographs, that she's also going to but a great deal of thought and energy into her readings. Go here and enter to win one.

I would also dearly love to win this Pentacle of the Goddess pendant from Lytha Studios. It's flowery, viney, and pentacley, and just plain beautiful. Here's the link to enter:

Due to peer pressure from my knitty friends, I desperately wanted an excuse to have a yarn stash. Yarn is fun, and pretty, and it feels nice. And I don't knit. It made for a real conundrum, until I decided to dye yarn and sell it. This yarn turned into a great opportunity for collaboration!

I have been lusting after the knitted goddesses that my friend GreenFingers makes for a long time. As I was staring at my lovely pile of yarns, I was struck by inspiration, and approached her with my idea. After a bunch of discussion back and forth, here's what we decided to do:

I put together kits to make goddesses, including my yarn, her pattern, embroidery floss and stone beads.

She put together this beautiful goddess for me to use as a display. Plus, now I have a knitted goddess of my very own!

I also put together some ACEO blanks for her to embroider, and she has the first couple of finished ones for sale.

I also have to show off the gorgeous woodsy goddess that she made with some of the yarn I dyed. Warning: you will want to protect your keyboard from the drool.

There was more collaboration where that yarn was concerned. I realized that I would need names for the yarn to be able to list it in my shop. I asked my husband if he had any suggestions, and he told me that I ought to name it all after places. Several names came to mind immediately, so I concluded that naming it all after places was a great idea. There were several that I was still stuck on, though, so it was time for more collaboration! This time, I took the problem to my fans on facebook. Soon enough, the yarn was all named.

Collaboration is fun!

I have been doing all kinds of fun collaborative work lately, and it's been adding some really interesting dimensions to my shops and my life in general.

Let me start with the most time sensitive. Mrs B. from Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom has an annual event called The 31 Days of Halloween. There are daily giveaways, guest bloggers, and a haunted blog tour. It is tons of spooky fun. You will want to check back the rest of this month, because among all the fabulous giveaways, there will be one from me. It's a nice one, if I say so myself.

Today, one of the giveaways is a set of Carnelian Runes from Kadiera's Cauldron. They are beautiful, and I am hoping to win them, so I am decreasing my chances by telling you to go enter!

My very, very favorite recent collaboration is my new website. Same URL as it ever was, but it's been expanded and prettified. The new Gallery is especially cool! A million thanks to my husband for his work there.

The collaboration that has been in the works the longest is the set of sabbat tea towels that I am in the process of digitizing and embroidering. Liz Staley did the artwork for me. So far, I have Lammas, Mabon and Samhain. The rest will be coming soon.

I have more collaborations I'd like to tell you about, but I think they'll need to wait until tomorrow. See you then!