Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Collaborative fun!

Good morning! Yes, this *is* the second blog post in 2 days. I am impressed, too.

There are 2 giveaways on Mrs B's 31 Days of Halloween today that I just love.

Intuitive Goddess is giving away a Samhain reading. You know that if she's going to put that kind of thought and care just into her photographs, that she's also going to but a great deal of thought and energy into her readings. Go here and enter to win one. http://www.confessionsofapagansoccermom.com/2008/10/giveaway-from-intuitive-goddess.html

I would also dearly love to win this Pentacle of the Goddess pendant from Lytha Studios. It's flowery, viney, and pentacley, and just plain beautiful. Here's the link to enter: http://www.confessionsofapagansoccermom.com/2008/10/giveaway-from-lytha-studios.html

Due to peer pressure from my knitty friends, I desperately wanted an excuse to have a yarn stash. Yarn is fun, and pretty, and it feels nice. And I don't knit. It made for a real conundrum, until I decided to dye yarn and sell it. This yarn turned into a great opportunity for collaboration!

I have been lusting after the knitted goddesses that my friend GreenFingers makes for a long time. As I was staring at my lovely pile of yarns, I was struck by inspiration, and approached her with my idea. After a bunch of discussion back and forth, here's what we decided to do:

I put together kits to make goddesses, including my yarn, her pattern, embroidery floss and stone beads.

She put together this beautiful goddess for me to use as a display. Plus, now I have a knitted goddess of my very own!

I also put together some ACEO blanks for her to embroider, and she has the first couple of finished ones for sale.

I also have to show off the gorgeous woodsy goddess that she made with some of the yarn I dyed. Warning: you will want to protect your keyboard from the drool.

There was more collaboration where that yarn was concerned. I realized that I would need names for the yarn to be able to list it in my shop. I asked my husband if he had any suggestions, and he told me that I ought to name it all after places. Several names came to mind immediately, so I concluded that naming it all after places was a great idea. There were several that I was still stuck on, though, so it was time for more collaboration! This time, I took the problem to my fans on facebook. Soon enough, the yarn was all named.

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Thanks for the links. And I love the arrangement you and greenie have come to :)