Saturday, December 13, 2008

An actual blog post by Rain

My wonderful husband has been behind the last couple of blog posts, and I appreciate him immensely for it. I have been very busy, and mostly accomplishing things with my busy-ness. After finishing a couple things up this morning, I decided to give myself the rest of the weekend off from sewing. Of course, I have plenty to work on come Monday morning.

Awhile back I talked about the printer cart that I assembled. It was part of a 3 piece set, along with a desk with hutch and a file cart. I finally got them all assembled, and realized that they matched the bookshelf we already had along that wall, perfectly.

I also came to the conclusion that moving my workspace twice a year is going to be essential as long as we live in this apartment. There are SO many things that I love about living in a town house, but temperature regulation is not one of them. The office is the warmest room in the house, and the living room is the coolest. So, while it seemed like the best idea ever to take over the living room over the summer, once winter hit, I was freezing off various body parts, and it was really interfering with my productivity. Most importantly, though, I don't like being cold.

So, the solution was obvious...move back up to the office, where my sewing room was to begin with. That was easier said than done, though. For one thing, I had gotten used to being able to spread out ALL over the living room. I had to figure out how to streamline a bit to be able to make a workspace really work in the office. Plus, the office never really got finished when we moved in. You know how the unfinished room ends up....anything that doesn't seem to belong anywhere in particular gets put in there, until a better place can be found for it. Well, the office is still not done, exactly, but at least now pretty much everything has been put somewhere that makes at least some sense.

I had a good flurry of sales and custom work for Yule and Christmas, which has also been keeping me busy.

While I was being a bad blogger, I got packages in the mail from Greenfingers and gypsycaster. They were both absolutely fabulous sellers to work with, and I love the things that I got. Check out their shops!

My husband and I are not known for conforming to dates as far as holiday celebrations go. This year we had our Thanksgiving dinner on actual Thanksgiving, but it definitely doesn't happen like that every year. We already have most, if not all, of our gifts. Like the TV, and the furniture set, plus a bunch of DVDs. He also gave me a set of acrylic paints with 48 different colors, and The Absolute Sandman, Volume 2. I have been playing with the paints today in celebration of my days off.

Last thing before I finish up for the night: I have entered a contest. Vote for my entry by adding my Yule Altar Cloth to your favorites!

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Walk in the Woods said...

Just want to say - - - your Yule altar cloth is beautiful! :)