Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let's hear it for prosperity magic!

It seems that the prosperity magic I mentioned on Tuesday was effective. Now with a little bit of luck, I will be crazy busy from now until Yule :)

My favorite prosperity magic, and what I have found to be most effective, is to find something good to spend some money on, and do so with purpose. No, grocery shopping doesn't usually cut it.

I am sorry that I missed blogging yesterday. I was fighting a migraine for 2 days, and when I sat down to the computer last night, it got bad enough that I just couldn't deal with looking at the monitor. Luckily it was more annoying than debilitating most of the time, because I had to get some product finished up, packed, and shipped.

My plan was to get things together yesterday, and then take a trip downtown today, and then I realized that the post office would not be open today, due to Veteran's Day. So, I figured out which package could wait until this weekend, and got the rest ready to go. I had 2 international packages, so I needed to work with actual people during business hours instead of the APC (automated postal center) whenever I happened to get there. I adore the APC!

While I was downtown, I stopped by The Painted Cupcake (warning: music on website) to get a coconut cupcake and do my part to support local business. Then I realized that cupcakes do not qualify as actual food, and I was HUNGRY, so I headed over to the library and Provence for a 4 cheese panini--white cheddar, muenster, brie, and swiss cheese on pugliese bread--a grown-up, totally decadent version of grilled cheese.

On the knitting front, I learned how to purl, and did stockinette, and a yarn change! Woohoo! (My knitting friends tell me that this is the last time I will ever be excited about stockinette.) By the time I am done with this scarf, I will also learn ribbing, binding off, end weaving, and blocking. Plus I get to do a hat with all of that, plus decreases and seaming. I am happy to find that knitting doesn't kill my wrists and hands the way crocheting does.

Tomorrow is the PaganPacks Oak Seed Moon Online Faire. The faires are a lot of fun, with games, prizes, fun people, good sales, and the opportunity to make new friends and support pagan businesses. If you get a chance, be sure to stop by. It runs from 11 AM to 11 PM EST, in the chat room here:

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Chelsea said...

I'm so glad your prosperity spell worked! I've always had a block on that kind of spell for myself, for some reason.

I think stockinette definitely has its place, especially when you're trying to show off a hand-dyed yarn. It's also great for reading-and-knitting, or watching a movie with subtitles.