Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blatant theft in this post.

I did not embroider that cool menorah design. It is the new design for the day at Urban Threads, and I just stole their picture to show it off. That's not to say that I won't be embroidering it, because I totally will! Possibly tomorrow, depending on how quickly I get my orders taken care of. Anyway, there is something you should know about Urban Threads. They are one of my favorite places to get embroidery designs, and I am always happy for an excuse to spend more money there. So, if you ever decide to go browsing around there, and see something that you need to have embroidered on something, let me know!

Today, I stayed busy embroidering Goddess towels, getting some packages ready to mail out, and doing an inventory of my thread so that I could order more thread. I get to mail a package to Australia this week, which is exciting. I always love it when I get to add a new country to my list of places I've sent things!

I pulled out the rest of my fall decorations and put away the specifically Halloween decorations. I think I should be able to find the time to go out and hang up the fall stuff tomorrow. I will see about getting some pictures to share.

As proud of my knitting as I was yesterday, that did not stop me from undoing it all. Once I had a better feel for what I was doing, I decided to pull it out and start over, because I would actually like for this scarf to be wearable when I get it done. It looks much better now.

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The StarFire Witch / Bald Girl said...

I do that a lot as well. Pull all the yarn out and redo everything... :)
Gotta make sure its exactly how I want it and all. :D