Saturday, November 13, 2010

In which there is a cute cat, and a trip to a yarn store

I thought it might be nice to start with a picture of my cat being cute. I got a thread order in yesterday, and they packed the box with crumply brown paper. As you can see, crumply brown paper is snuggly and comfortable.

I missed blogging yesterday because by the time I finished up at the PaganPacks faire, my hands were very tired of typing, and my head was starting to hurt again/still, so the best thing to do was go to bed. The faire went well, though, and I managed to get many new listings up in both etsy stores. I actually have every tarot bag that I have in stock listed now, which may have happened once before, years ago, but I think this is actually the first time it's happened. I also got all of the winter/yule/christmas/hanukkah towels listed in the celebrations shop. I have more planned, but there's a nice bunch there.

Today was a busy day of running errands, as is usual for a Saturday. The Red Cross would have really liked for us to give blood today, but I decided this morning that I couldn't truthfully answer "Are you feeling well and healthy today?" with "Yes." Oh well. They will still want blood next week.

I finally decided what fabric to line the kids' cloaks with, and went to JoAnn to get it. It's going to be tie-dyed! I am getting really excited to see how they turn out. Got some Yule shopping done while we were there, too, which is good.

Had my first visit to a yarn store this afternoon. Didn't buy anything, but only because I want to finish my scarf and hat and decide if I still like knitting, before I start building a stash. Yeah....I'm pretty sure I'll be going back and buying yarn, but at least I have an excuse not to for the moment.

Speaking of knitting, here's the progress I've made on the scarf. Not bad at all, considering that I have not been devoting much time to it.

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