Thursday, June 2, 2011


Good morning, bloggy people :)

OK, so now it's afternoon, bordering on evening, but it really was morning when I said Good Morning.

The title of this blog post is Lizard. That is because when I went out to the garden yesterday to check on the plants, I saw a lizard peeking out at me from between two pots. As I usually do when I have a visitor to the garden, I looked up the totemic significance of Lizard. Wow, what a Lizard day it was, too!

Lizard symbolizes dreams and intuition. It also symbolizes sudden change and dropping old patterns. The kinds of changes we're talking about are not slow, or subtle. Just like a lizard can drop his tail and run away when necessary, sometimes we need to drop old habits and patterns and change direction right away.

How was my day Lizard-ish? Well, there was a fun supply crisis, and the sudden understanding that real changes needed to be made to the Pagan Team Coffee Chats I host on etsy, plus I started a new listing every day challenge. There were also some really interesting business possibilities that came up.

I'll finish with some unrelated pictures of my booth at Pagan Unity Fest.


Chelsea said...

Your booth was beautiful!

Rain said...

Thanks! I'm glad I finally got some pictures to share. Seems like every event I go to, I either totally forget to take pics, or they turn out awful and unshareable.