Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Full Moon Thoughts on Prosperity Magic

Some of you know that I host the Pagan Team coffee chat on etsy, monday and wednesday mornings. Now, the rest of you also know :) Monday and Wednesday morning, 9 AM Central time (10 Eastern, 8 Mountain, and 7 Pacific) in the etsy chat room. You do not have to be a team member to attend, you just have to have an etsy account.

Anyway, the actual point is that the topic of prosperity magic came up today. I mentioned that I ought to add leaving some etsy feedback into my prosperity magic for today, and one of my friends asked if I do prosperity magic every day. I answered that I don't, but I should. Another friend said that she had heard that doing prosperity magic every day makes the Universe angry.

No, no, and no! It's not true! For one thing, the Universe has much better things to do than wandering around looking for people to be angry with. For another thing, even if the Universe WERE so inclined, doing prosperity magic every day is not going to make the Universe angry.

The Universe is not going to become angry with someone eating healthful and nourishing food every day, or taking care of their family, friends, and belongings every day, or delighting in the beauty of creation every day. Add the proper mindfulness, and those things are all prosperity magic.

I call myself a kitchen witch because I am far more inclined to quiet, practical magic instead of the more familiar rituals with scripts, candles, and wand waving. So, some of my most effective prosperity magic is the same sort of things that needs to be done, done MINDFULLY.

My sales tax return is due. I could sigh and whine and be angry while I fill out the paperwork, because the government is stealing my money. That would not be prosperity magic. I could gather my form, my pen, and my checkbook, and be joyful about the sales that I made, and envision the good things that those taxes will be used for in my community, and KNOW that I am doing what I need to do, and that there will be more sales, and more opportunities to help my community in the future as I write that check, and it becomes powerful prosperity magic.

I can be mindful of how and when and where I spend my money. I can support people and businesses and causes that are important to me with the money I spend, and that's prosperity magic shared.

The kinds of mindful prosperity magic that are possible are practically endless. Appreciating what you have, taking care of things that need to be done, community volunteer work, and any sort of creating, nurturing, and supporting.

Of course, just like eating the exact same healthful and nourishing food every day eventually will do harm, doing exactly the same sort of prosperity magic every day will do harm--possibly by becoming greed, possibly by wearing yourself and your resources too thin--but truly working prosperity magic is never going to make the Universe angry with you.


AlsoMrsB said...

Good thoughts, Rain.

Angela said...

I wish I could join in the etsy chat, but Im unfortunately 6 hours difference in time zone, lol. Just stopping by from the UEF forums. I look forward to following your blog :-)