Friday, May 8, 2009

Mercury Retrograde and the Horse You Rode In On

by Rain's Mr

In understanding that the planets revolve around the Sun, we have insight that was not accepted until a mere 450 or so years ago. Up to that time, planetary motion was a puzzle of enormous complexity that drove people to higher math. With the Earth as the fixed center of the cosmos, there is scarce any reasonable explanation for what you would observe as planets not only wander but brighten and dim as if by whim. This does much to explain the ancient Greeks and others deifying the planets and attaching capricious personalities to these gods/celestial bodies.


Because of its implied principle that (never mind the earth) *we* are each the center of the universe, Astrology frames these irregularities of motion as key events to be understood as just another indication of the innate complexity of life. At various times from our perspective on Earth, planets can appear to slow down, stop and even move in the opposite direction. Astrologically, this principle is expressed through three terms... moving forward is "direct motion", stopping is "station", and moving backward is "retrograde".

To simplify things to an entirely inadequate analogy, Astrology presents the planets (and other derivative expressions) as parts of a metaphysical being: Sun as core self, Moon as emotions, Mercury as reason, Venus as aesthetics and so on. Further, there are signs (dominant qualities of these parts), aspects (significant interrelations between parts) and houses (facets of life susceptible to the effects of these qualities and interrelations). For each of us, this is all imprinted onto us at the moment and in the location of our birth and set into motion like a wobbly electromagnetic turbo clock to influence, affect, attract, repel, collide and otherwise comingle on the crowded playing field of countless other wobbly electromagnetic turbo clocks.

And of all of the mechanisms in this configuration, Mercury is the one that's most in charge of mapping things out and getting you where you're going. So, what happens when you apply a backwards motion to your navigational system? That seems to be the experiment taking place during Mercury Retrograde. Especially for those who depend on reason and communication, Mercury Retrograde poses challenges. Couple this with the notion that it happens three or four times a year, and the situation looks grim for rational thought, but that's not the only possible way of looking at it.

Retrograde means "going backwards", and the thought of things going backwards tends to fill us with an uncomfortable queasiness, and Mercury Retrograde is met by many with that same displeasure. After all, Who really wants their rational faculties going backwards? But, when you pull into a parking spot, the most reasonable way out is often to back up. Mercury Retrograde affords the proper climate for looking back over your thoughts and applying your energy to finishing and finalizing things that have been left "for later". Those things that all you needed to do was "get around to"? This may be the proper time for them.

In short, retrograde means "going backwards", and sometimes you just need to go backwards. Or rather, going forward at all costs is a behavior that will not be rewarded by retrogrades.

So, my tip for Mercury Retrograde? I've found it's a good time to do "maintenance thinking" such as reviewing and refreshing data storage and recovery plans, the fire safe's contents, financial plans, and so on. Also, I've also found it's a good time to record the ideas that have been floating around in my head. One caveat, though, computers and other such technology can be disproportionately affected by Mercury Retrograde, so it's wise not to casually trust that everything will #¿»æ.##$¥.

Oh, that's ok. I was pretty much done.

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