Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stirrings of Spring

The title seems a little silly, considering the current temperature of 58, with a projected high of 67, but I know it is still winter. There are hints of real spring coming, though. For one thing, I've been obsessively organizing and decorating my space.

I'm working on emerging from my winter cocoon, to speak and interact, and to post things more regularly. I've been attending to business and answering questions from customers and taking orders and staying quite busy, but not a lot of posting on the blog or facebook, or listing new things in the shops.

I have plenty of good things to share, though! I have an ad that will be in the new issue of Witches & Pagans Magazine, which should be appearing any day now. I've been working on solidifying my yarn brand and bumping up production. I've been working on developing some new altar cloth designs, and creating some new fabric designs for custom printing at Spoonflower. I've been working on the transition from my original huck towels to my new lines of towels, with better quality and greater selection.

And, after being on this path for nearly 20 years, apparently I actually do have a patron deity. At least She has a sense of humor! There have been hints and signs for awhile now, but I finally caught on, and I can hear Her laughing at me, for taking so long to put the pieces together. At any rate, after a series of nudges in that direction over the past week, here's a picture of the fabric Brigid's Cross I made for my sewing room this morning.

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